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December 7, 2007

so fed up…

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my parents forgot to pick my up afterschool today and i waited outside for them in the freezing cold FOREVER. my fingers are still frozen. the school was locked, so i couldn’t go inside and wait, i tried calling my mom and dad, and they both never picked up. dad was out to dinner for work and mom was probably having her nails done….thank god for my aupair Ana she came and got me after like an hour……i am going to go warm up……..


can’t believe it…

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ok, so it was like the biggest night at school, we had our sports awards night. i was so surprised because I got mvp for soccer this year….seriously, like i never thought i would get it…. so when my name was called, liz was like THAT’S YOU! GO! i was so embarrassed to go up in front of everyone and get my plaque, but it is so awesome. seriously, it was totally like one of the best nights of my life. i must have reminded my parents about this like a million times, and they totally forgot and weren’t there to see it….am i surprised? nope.

gotta go mount the plaque on the wall….

Shoppin Spree

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jen and i went crazy today at Lacoste…we bought so much stuff… i got the cutest top for Fiji. afterwards Ana drove me to my piano lesson (so boring) and then went home and ordered out. mom’s still gone to Key West with her friends, so Ana is staying with us tonight and tomorrow. she’s pretty cool. we have become so much closer over the past few weeks because my parent’s haven’t been around at all…seriously, it makes me a little sad because Ana’s cool and all, but i’ve just needed talk to them about stuff…but whatever…they leave me money and the credit card….so i can’t complain….gotta run…

Mixed Emotions…

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hey y’all….just hangin’ out and wating for Grey’s to come on. I am super pumped cause mom just told me that we’re going to spend Christmas in Fiji! Jenny and I totally freaked….that’s so sick….

 i’m kinda bummed at the same time cause I was supposed 2 go 2 dad’s 2nite, and he is golfin with the guys late again. looks like I am stayin right here instead…it’s ok though because he promised to get me a new nano. mine is totally busted…

 this is a pict. of where we R going SOOO soon! gotta run….it’s almost time for McDreamy!

Hello world!

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